Nippon Traveler
Meet Akira Kimura, Anyong Lee and Simon Green. As long-term residents, avid travelers, and pop-culture connoisseurs, they have their fingers on the pulse of what’s new and exciting in Japan. Akira is our half-Japanese technology, game, and anime enthusiast. Trilingual Ann is our language and culture guru. Simon has lived up and down Japan, voyaged around the globe, and is our travel pro.
8-Bit Cafe: Gaming & Drinking in Shinjuku
Delicious Wagyu BEEF SUSHI
Discover Odaiba Decks Seaside Mall
During an Emergency: Episode 1
Money Matters: Episode 2
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Internet: How to Get Connected in Japan: Episode 3
Introduction: Nippon Traveler
JAPANESE CURRY!! We Try Japan’s ORIGINAL Katsu Curry!
Japanese Food Tour in Jiyugaoka
Kakigori: Cool Down with Shaved Ice
Finding a Bathroom in TOKYO!
Sake & The Sea: A Niigata & Sadogashima Tour
Super Potato: Retro Gaming Treasure Trove
The Four Seasons of TOKYO
Tokyo’s STRANGEST But MOST Delicious Gourmet Experience
Toyosu & Tsukiji: Checking out Tokyo’s Fish Markets
Useful Expressions: Episode 4
Useful Kanji: Episode 5
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