About Lifepluz

Life+ is a family-centric internet media company with office around the world. We aim to bring to you expert views on issues related to children, family and the community. With a team of highly experienced media and IT professionals with experience up to 20 years in the industry, our team combines creativity and technology to deliver professionally produced videos that will engage, inform and uplift. With the diverse news and information, we at Life+ set out to consult professionals in their respective fields to provide us with insights and provide answers to the questions we have.

Our parent company, Aceolution is built on a similar idea that today’s world has no simple answer, and requires solutions that are multidimensional and grounded in evidence. As a solutions-based practice, Aceolution draw on their expertise in fields as diverse as urban design, IT, and media, to provide comprehensive solutions for their clients.

Our team at Life+ set out to find insights and explanation of our everyday matters in hope that the answers we find bring life to you. If you have a question, we will search for an answer for you. It’s that simple!